TAPDINTO-STEM is a national collaborative effort involving 28 colleges and universities in 16 states, Washington, D.C., and the Mariana Islands.

Persons with disabilities are one of the most significantly underrepresented groups in STEM education and employment, comprising a disproportionately smaller percentage of STEM degrees and jobs compared to their percentages in the U.S. population. The NSF INCLUDES Alliance: The Alliance of Students with Disabilities for Inclusion, Networking, and Transition Opportunities in STEM (TAPDINTO-STEM), will employ a collective impact approach with dozens of partnering organizations to increase the number of students with disabilities (SWDs) who complete associate, baccalaureate and graduate STEM degrees and enter the STEM workforce.

      • 2 colleges and universities focused on students with disabilities
      • 3 community colleges
      • 8 minority-serving institutions (MSI)
      • 3 major national organizations


Each of the regional hubs is conducting research. There are thirteen research questions that explore student characteristics and experiences, effective practices and supports, effective models, supportive structures, and systems. The research is designed to lead to...


This NSF INCLUDES Alliance is primarily funded by NSF Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science (NSF INCLUDES), a comprehensive national initiative to enhance U.S. leadership in discoveries and innovations by focusing on diversity, inclusion, and broadening participation in STEM at scale. The Alliance is jointly funded by the NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) program.