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Surmounting Obstacles for Academic Resilience

Welcome to the SOAR Portal!

A group of faculty and doctoral students in computer science have designed this secure portal as the shared measurement system for the TAPDINTO-STEM Alliance to document and evaluate project activities.

Annual and semi-annual data is being collected through SOAR to ensure the goals and objectives of the project are being met. These goals are to increase the number of students with disabilities completing postsecondary degrees in STEM, facilitate the transition of students with disabilities with STEM degrees into the STEM workforce, and enhance communication and collaboration among postsecondary institutions, industry, government, national labs, and community in addressing the educational needs of students with disabilities in STEM disciplines.

As a participant in the mentoring program, you are given opportunities to engage in mentoring with peers, faculty, and other STEM professionals. At the beginning of each academic year and the end of the fall and spring semesters, you will be asked to complete forms with questions related to performance monitoring, the implementation of project interventions, participation in alliance activities, and the impact of those activities. Those responses will be used for feedback, reports to the National Science Foundation and other stakeholders, and alliance-level evaluation.

Thank you for providing feedback, sharing your experience, and helping us tell your story!