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Supporting the Success of Students with Disabilities in STEM

Supporting the Success of Students with Disabilities in STEM

Working Together for Progress

Persons with disabilities are one of the most significantly underrepresented groups in STEM education and employment, comprising a disproportionately smaller percentage of STEM degrees and jobs compared to their percentages in the U.S. population. TAPDINTO-STEM employs a collective impact approach with dozens of partnering institutions to increase the number of students with disabilities (SWDs) who complete associate, baccalaureate and graduate STEM degrees and enter the STEM workforce.

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STEM For All

The TAPDINTO-STEM Alliance seeks to enhance academic and social practices of institutions of higher education to widen pathways for students with disabilities with three primary objectives.

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Increase the number of graduates in STEM disciplines

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Facilitate the transition into the STEM workforce

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Enhance collaboration among institutions of higher education

Sharing Experience

Our goal is to share updates and articles related to the project, our team, and the progress of our initiative. Check out our latest posts and feel free to share any updates you feel would be important to our project.

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Strategies for Inclusive Learning

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