Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs

The NSF INCLUDES Alliance TAPDINTO-STEM is organized around six regional hubs:

TAPDINTO-STEM Regional Hubs Map

Hub Research

Each of the six hubs in the TAPDINTO-STEM Alliance are conducting research to further support students with disabilities.

(To learn more about each study, please click the title below.)

Islands | Unique issues of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) SWD

Midwest | Student Success Programs Through the Lens of Completion by Design’s Loss/Momentum Framework

Mountain | Bias, Discrimination, Stigma, and Intersectionality

Northeast | Impact of student support services on academic, social, and employment outcomes for STEM college students with ASDPurpose

Southeast | Institutional Factors and SWD Persistence

West Coast | Longitudinal Transition Study of NSF-funded SWD

University of Washington’s DO-IT Center hosted a webinar on April 29, 2022 that provides an overview and update of each Hub’s activities and research.

Campus and Hub Leadership Roles

Campus Leads or Campus Lead Investigators

Institution-level Management

Each campus in the TAPDINTO-STEM Alliance identifies a lead who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the project and chairs a local management team consisting of STEM faculty mentors, senior academic administrators, and representatives from offices of accessibility, institutional research, and financial aid.

Hub Leads

Hub-level Management

Each of the Hub Lead Institutions identifies a leader that oversees the activities of the campuses in their region and is responsible for communication and information dissemination, recruiting new partners, chairing a working committee, and conducting a hub-level research study.

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