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View the news release from National Institute of Health

By Amanda Morris September 26, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. EDT For years, the National Institutes of Health has funded research on health inequities faced by racial, gender and other underserved communities. But one notable group was left out: people with disabilities. Now, in a major victory for disability health advocates,[...]

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Accessible Technology for All

In February 2023, the Computing Research Association (CRA) held a workshop on Accessible Technology for All with the purpose to frame the state of the art of accessible technology, identify forces shaping the evolution of accessible technology, and develop an understanding of implications for the next wave of computer science research in accessibility.

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Mentorships to Credit First-Gen Achievements

Opinion By: Juanita Ortiz and Monique Bruner The Oklahoman- Two women, a Latina and an African American both grew up with varying socioeconomic and cultural obstacles set against them. However, both were able to defy all odds and have built meaningful careers in higher education administration. Those women, happen to[...]

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Temple University Alumna with Cerebral Palsy Gave Nearly $11 Million to Fund Scholarships for Students with Physical Disabilities

Author: Safia Abdulahi Inside Higher Ed - Jeanne Zweig, a Temple University alumna with cerebral palsy gave the institution nearly $11 million to fund scholarships for students with physical disabilities. Zweig’s funds will be used at Temple “to assist current students who can incur higher college-related expenses related to their[...]

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Northern Arizona University (NAU) recently joined a nationwide initiative meant to raise the number of people involved in STEM education and careers who have disabilities

Abigail Kessler, Arizona Daily Sun Northern Arizona University (NAU) recently joined a nationwide initiative meant to raise the number of people involved in STEM education and careers who have disabilities, developing a mentorship program and research to support students entering the field. Part of the NSF INCLUDES alliance (Inclusion Across[...]

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WSU awarded $51 million to advance smart manufacturing in South Kansas

By Tracee Friess, NIAR The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) announced today will award $51.4 million to Wichita State University to aid in the rapid development and adoption of emerging smart manufacturing technologies for South Kansas. The funding, provided through the American Rescue Plan Build Back Better[...]

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NSF Invests to Improve Undergraduate STEM Education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

As the nation celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, the U.S. National Science Foundation's Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program has awarded 48 grants to Hispanic-serving institutions in Fiscal Year 2022 to support various projects. The goals of NSF's HSI program are to enhance the quality of undergraduate science, technology, engineering[...]

NSF grantees solving problems created by single-use plastics

By Jason Bates The world's oceans play a critical role in supporting life on Earth, but they are under threat from human activities. Single-use plastic waste is one of the six major contaminants identified by researchers as a primary threat to our oceans. Despite society's best efforts, most plastic materials[...]

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Post Pandemic Learning Concerns for the Disability Community Author: Skye Vanlanduyt In her article, writer, Liann Herder discusses several students’ worries in regard to the return of in-person learning for students with disabilities. Though devastating, the Covid-19 Pandemic, according to Herder “presented a strange silver lining-classes, conferences, meetings, and socialization moved online. This sudden[...]

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Accessible Informal STEM Learning

Author: Skye Vanlanduyt The University of Washington is developing an AccessISL (Access to Informal Science Learning) Project utilizing student interns to promote accessible informal STEM learning. ISL is funded by Washington University and the National Science Foundation (NSF). ISL is a student learning practice which refers to a students’ learning[...]

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