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Embracing Diversity in STEM Education

By understanding and embracing the diverse demographics of the students in our alliance, we hope to foster a culture where students with disabilities feel valued and supported. Explore how our students identify below.

Our Team is Our Strength

The Leadership Team provides strategic direction for the alliance and includes Hub Leads, Project Investigators, and the Backbone.

Hub Leads

Hub Leads oversee the activities of the campuses in their region and are responsible for communication and information dissemination, recruiting new partners, chairing a working committee, and conducting a hub-level research study.

Dr. Kiriko Takahashi

Dr. Kiriko Takahashi

Dr. Rhonda Jenson

Dr. Ronda Jenson

Dr. Jeff Traiger

Dr. Jeff Traiger

Dr. Overtoun Jenda

Dr. Overtoun Jenda

Principle Investigators

The Principle Investigator (PI) and Co-Investigators (Co-PIs) maintain the integrity and fidelity of the project’s goals and objectives, share scientific, financial, and administrative responsibilities, and contribute to the development and execution of the project.

Dr. Overtoun Jenda

Dr. Overtoun Jenda, Auburn University, Principal Investigator

David Shannon

Dr. David Shannon, Auburn University, Co-Principal Investigator

portrait of daniela marghitu

Dr. Daniela Marghitu, Auburn University, Co-Principal Investigator

Carl Pettis

Dr. Carl Pettis, Alabama State University, Co-Principal Investigator

portrait of brittany mccullough

Dr. Brittany McCullough, Auburn University, Co-Principal Investigator

The Backbone

The backbone is a separate and neutral entity that serves as the supporting infrastructure for the alliance, facilitates efforts aimed at collective impact, capacity building, expansion, sustainability, and scale, and ensures alliance activities align with the project’s vision.

Primary functions of the backbone are to:

  • Ensure the vision and strategy defined in the foundational documents remain at the forefront of the work.
  • Facilitate communications among the alliance at all levels and provide resources or technical assistance as needed.
  • Establish shared measurement practices through the alliance’s shared measurement system, the SOAR Portal, for visibility of continuous improvement and sharing outcomes.
  • Build public will by raising awareness and support for TAPDINTO-STEM, and helping all alliance members feel empowered to enact change.

These role descriptions were derived from NSF’s Definitions of Categories of Personnel and the TAPDINTO-STEM Strategic Implementation Plan.

Dr. Alexis Petri

Dr. Alexis Petri

Nichole Stahly photo

Nichole Stahly

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