Team work

Opinion By: Juanita Ortiz and Monique Bruner

The Oklahoman– Two women, a Latina and an African American both grew up with varying socioeconomic and cultural obstacles set against them. However, both were able to defy all odds and have built meaningful careers in higher education administration. Those women, happen to be the authors of this column. Research data shows that these two women’s childhood demographics “would forecast limited success in k-12 education; a low likelihood of attending college; and an even worse probability of graduating with a college degree.” Yet, each woman was able to overcome this statistic. Their secret? “The mentorship that they have received throughout their lifetimes.”

Both women credit their mentors for also being able to “understand and empathize” the importance of pursuing higher education and how their personal experiences as a marginalized group could be used in their own positions as leaders to “advocate” for more representation of diversity and inclusion.  Read more.