Your invited to a webinar by Dr. Ebony McGee, Vanderbilt University, based on her groundbreaking book, Black, Brown, Bruised: How Racialized STEM Education Stifles Innovation.

Ebony McGee worked as an electrical engineer for several Fortune 500 companies before an epiphany changed her career path.

“I realized that I wasn’t impacting the lives of others in a way that made sense to me. On my tombstone, I didn’t want it to say, ‘She made power products.’ I wanted something more meaningful for my life,” McGee explains in a Vanderbilt University faculty profile video.

Inspired by her own experiences in a workplace that was “mostly white and mostly male,” McGee now studies racial inequality and marginalization in higher education and STEM professions. Her research focuses on the racialized experiences and racial stereotypes that adversely affect the education and career trajectories of underrepresented groups of color, as well as the physical and mental wellness issues these students face.

“The process of healing from racial battle fatigue and institutional racism requires significant internal commitment and external support. Black college students are brilliant, talented and creative, and they dream as big as other students. Pursuing higher education should not make them sick,” McGee wrote in a 2015 publication.

An associate professor of education, diversity and STEM education in Vanderbilt’s Peabody College, McGee will discuss this topic at 11:00 AM central standard time on September 9, 2021, during a webinar hosted by Integrating STEM + KC as our final keynote presentation of the deconstructed conference.