This is the third conversation for Leading Practices for Improving Accessibility and Inclusion in Field and Laboratory Science: A Conversation Series.

The third conversation in the series will focus on specific aspects of access and inclusion for field-based research and education in STEM, including best practices, misconceptions, and barriers for establishing accessible and inclusive fieldwork. The event will bring together a group of scholars and leaders in the disability community in a live webcast conversation about these topics. Our speakers will discuss key questions, including: What can we do to make it safer for folks to disclose disability or to request field trip accommodations? What myths about how we conduct fieldwork need to be debunked to shift the culture of field-based education and research to be more inclusive? What are the some new tools, technologies, and creative approaches to implement accessible and inclusive fieldwork?

We enthusiastically encourage the public to share perspectives and to participate in the discussion. Prior to the conversation, we will share two pre-recorded keynote presentations to set the stage for the discussion. Those keynotes are available on the project website’s event page below. This event will be available for viewing and participation through Slido here.

A live transcriptionist and ASL interpreter will be present at every conversation. Additional requests for accommodations can be submitted during registration until February 4th, 2022.

For more information on this series can be found on the project website here.

Credit:  This Week in Accessibility by Brianna Blaser

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